March 6, 2017—Washington, DC—Surefire Medical, Inc. today announced the launch of the new Flexion Guiding Catheter at the Society for Interventional Radiology (SIR) meeting in Washington, DC. The device has a main curve reinforced with nitinol to provide better shape retention and back-up support for interventional radiologists performing embolization procedures.


In addition to the differentiated nitinol curve, the Surefire Flexion offers the following features: 

• An inner diameter of 0.054 inches with a PTFE liner

• Soft radiopaque tip that facilitates vessel engagement and catheter placement

• Double-stranded steel braid for optimal kink resistance and torque response.


“This is truly an engineering breakthrough,” said James E. Chomas, President and CEO of Surefire Medical. “The nitinol reinforcement enables this device to keep a low 5F profile while providing physicians with maximum support during Surefire procedures, or any other procedures that would require a guide catheter with a large lumen. We are excited to launch this device and continue to demonstrate Surefire’s commitment to the interventional radiology market.”

The Surefire Flexion Guiding Catheter is available in two shapes – the Axis and SIM1. The company continues to offer the Surefire Cobra Guiding Catheter.

About Surefire Medical 

Surefire Medical, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets targeted delivery devices for the Interventional Oncology markets. Surefire’s core technology consists of a microcatheter with a unique expandable tip that improves tumor uptake while protecting healthy tissue. It enables physicians to target tumors with superior accuracy, control and protection. Learn more:


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Clinical Data Shows Surefire Technology Achieved 79% Objective Response versus 37% Using a Standard Microcatheter in Treating Primary Liver Cancer. Study presented at SIR 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting.