Clinical Diagnosis

Mildly hypervascular focal lesion in segment 2/3 requiring infusion system placement on a curve in a second order branch of the Left Hepatic Artery (LHA).

Treatment Plan
An RDC sheath was used for access into the celiac axis. A Simmons 2 used to aid the tracking of the sheath. The Surefire Guide Sheath was advanced into a second order branch of the LHA which infused segments 2 and 3, then the Surefire Microcatheter expandable tip was deployed. LC-Bead (Biocompatibles/BTG) mixed with doxorubicin and contrast agent was infused. Following infusion in the LHA, the expandable tip was captured. Complete infusion was achieved in the target vessel. Tumor was only mildly hypervascular by angiography, DynaCT, and CT.  Despite this, it retained iodinated contrast given with the DEBs. At the three week follow-up after the procedure, alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) level dropped from 3468 to 345 (90% decrease).

Target Vessel Diameter
3.7 mm

LC Bead™ (Biocompatibles)

Guide Catheter
Cordis RDC 7Fr OD, 45 cm