Clinical Diagnosis
Stage IV Colorectal Cancer

Challenging downward angled celiac axis but otherwise standard anatomy. Right-side disease. Right Hepatic Artery was relatively straight. Potential reflux pathways were the GDA and the Right Gastric Artery, which extended from the Left Hepatic Artery.

Treatment Plan
A Cordis RDC sheath was used for access into the celiac axis. A Terumo GlideCath was used to aid the tracking of the RDC. The Surefire Guide Sheath was advanced into the RHA, distal to the GDA and RGA. The Surefire Infusion System was used in the MAA and Y-90 infusion procedures.

Target Vessel Diameter
4 mm

1.5 GBq Y-90 (Sir-Spheres®)

Guide Catheter
Cordis RDC

Following the procedure, the patient did not experience any complications. At the six-month follow-up, the patient’s tumor had decreased by 50%.