Better shape retention.
Better back-up support.

The Surefire Flexion Guiding Catheter is designed to provide maximum support for your procedures.

Surefire Guiding Catheters

We created our guiding catheters with a focus on deliverability and control, providing physicians a clear pathway to introduce the Surefire® Infusion System (SIS). They are designed with double-stranded steel braid for maximum torque control to track through complex anatomies. With three dedicated shapes for abdominal vasculature, the ultra-soft tip allows for ease in vessel placement.

Created to offer reliable delivery in tortuous anatomies, the catheters are built with five segments to provide stiff proximal support and superior kink resistance with smooth transitions between segments. The reverse curve shapes (Axis and SIM1) are also reinforced with nitinol for optimal back-up support. The catheters’ PTFE liner provides lubricious lumen from hub to tip for excellent tracking.

Available in 3 Distinct Shapes

Flexion Axis


Usable Length – 80 cm

OD – 5 F

ID – 0.054”

Flexion SIM1


Usable Length – 80 cm

OD – 5 F

ID – 0.054”



Usable Length – 65 cm

OD – 5 F

ID – 0.056”

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